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The Central Fabricators Association was founded in 1926 as a regional trade association serving the Midwest. Over the past 90 years, this group has retained its core value:

By Fabricators, For Fabricators.

As America's only trade association made up of solely steel fabricators, members are given the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with other members who understand the economics and challenges of running a steel company. The Board of CFA strives to provide quarterly meetings where its members are able to keep apprised of current industry trends.

As Fabricators, we know the importance and benefit of sharing relevant information with quality fabricators who understand our business. You will get to know some of the leaders of our industry. The sharing of ideas and information can take your business to a new level.

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The CFA is able to provide diversity of membership due to its fee structure based on company size and capacity. Open to any firm throughout the United States that fabricates structural steel. Our members companies range from small family-owned fabricators to large multi-plant, multi-million dollar operations.

At the May CFA Annual Meeting Tony Hovenga of Katelman Steel began serving as CFA President, as Doug Bibens of Midland Steel completed his term.

Jay Stewart of Drake Williams Steel will serve 1st Vice President and Gary Johnson of AFCO Steel will continue as Secretary/Treasurer.

Continuing Directors at Large:

Doug Bibens, Midland Steel

Jason Bosscher, Steel Supply & Engineering

Steve Grandfield, Prospect Steel

Margaret Hanley, A. Lucas & Sons

Michael Jordan, Indiana Steel Fabricating

Steve Knitter, Geiger & Peters

Adam Kristek, Art Iron Inc.

Frieda Mai, PKM Steel

Eric Orson, Koronis Fabricating

Tyler Owen, Paxton Vierling Steel

Jeff Ping, Kurland Steel

Dave Sailing, Zalk Josephs

Mark Selvaggio, Selvaggio Steel

Jake Thomas, Thomas Steel

John Peshia – Garbe Iron

We have 2 directors who have retired from our board.

Burke Blackman who has served as our secretary treasurer and on the board since 2006. 

Sam Haldiman who has served on the board in many capacities including President – since 2001. 

Thank you both for all the time and dedication to CFA

AISC Elects CFA Members to National Board of Directors

CFA is proud to recognize:

 Tim Hanenburg of Cives Steel Company


Steve Knitter of Geiger & Peters, Inc.

as they continue the history of CFA Membership leading our Industry

Read full AISC Press Release - CFA News and Information

CFA is Proud to Recognize Members that have been helping to build our Country for Over 100 Years

  A. Lucas and Sons  -  Peoria, IL Art Iron, Inc. -  Toledo, OH

Geiger and Peters, Inc.  -  Indianapolis, IN Paxton and Vierling Steel Co.  -  Carter Lake, IA

Stupp Bros., Inc.  -  St. Louis, MO Zalk Josephs Fabricators, LLC,  -  Stoughton, WI

The CFA is proud to have industry leaders support our organizations. Steel Mills, Warehouses, Erectors, Deck & Joist Suppliers and Software Firms as sponsors are able to provide reports on current business conditions. Through these sponsorships, the CFA is able to give its members one-on-one, face-to-face contact with executives from these national companies.

Central Fabricators Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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