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Membership in the Central Fabricators Association is open to any firm in the United States that fabricates structural steel**.

In order to qualify for membership, a firm must:

(i) be actually and directly engaged in the fabrication of structural steel material

(ii) and maintain a plant or plants located in the central portion of the United States

(iii) and have average yearly gross sales of fabricated structural steel material in excess of its average yearly gross sales of any product or service to other firms engaged primarily in the business of fabricating structural steel material.

Member companies range in size from the small fabricators specializing in industrial and commercial construction to medium and large multi-plant operations. Annual dues are affordable, ranging from $1350 to $3350 per year, depending on plant capacity.

For further information please call the CFA office at (616) 301-3570 or email

All Membership Applications are subject to approval by the CFA Board of Directors.

Download Membership Application

Companies that do not fabricate structural steel are not eligible for membership. 

Other limitations may apply. Please contact the CFA office for additional information regarding membership.

Central Fabricators Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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